Mobile Belt Sealer MSP Plus

for sealing polyethylene

  • Sealing temperature can be adjusted
  • Motor and control unit placed in solid housing
  • Manual feeding of bags and take-over by toothed motor driven belts
  • The unit can easily be opened to be cleaned and serviced - low maintenance required
  • Made in Germany

Working process: The film material or in-liner are manually fed in and taken over by toothed motor driven belts to be carried through the unit. Thanks to a special sealing system the thermoplastic material can cool down under pressure and gets stability. Long lines are supported by the user. 

Technical Data

Film thickness max. approx. 2 x 0,05 to 2 x 0,4mm¹
Sealing temperature up to approx. 240°C
Passing speed approx. 2,5 to 9,5m/min.²
Sealing width approx. 5mm (plain)

1 = depends on material
2 = infinitely adjustable

Your benefit

  • Use as stationary equipment or as mobile unit
  • Almost no maintenance required
  • Very easy handling


  • Balancer- suspension device with rope extension for automatic return in position


For PE (Polyethylene)

Transport packaging, industrial packaging, seaworthy packages, export packings, warehouse packings, corrosion protection. For production and closure of hoods, covers, big-packs, sacks, valve bags. Mobile use to pack machines, control cabinets, engines, aggregates, manufactured goods, relief goods, military goods, weapons, munitions,...

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