Heat sealer K600V

with air suction device to reduce the volume

  • Perfectly closed bags thanks to the 15mm wide longitudinally grooved sealing weld
  • With air suction - to reduce the volume remaining air is sucked off by an ejector system
  • Pressure regulators for evacuation, tight bars and bag stretching device
  • Gas flushing (optional)
  • Cycle starts after actuating the foot switch
  • Electric in splashproof switch cabinet (IP 54)
  • Made in Germany

Working process: Required sealing parameters are set. The bag is placed in the clamping device. The automatic cycle starts by pressing the foot pedal: The bag is stretched and taken over by the sealing bars. The air suction system exhausts the air out of the bag. When the time to exhaust the air has elapsed, the sealing begins. Afterwards the sealing bars open and present a perfectly sealed bag.

Technical data

Sealing width approx. 15mm
Sealing length approx. 600mm
Sealing time 0.5 to 99s adjustable
Sealing temperature ... 260°C adjustable
Compressed air approx. 6bar