Laboratory Sealer SGPE

Sealing with highest precision

The highest priority for high accuracy and maximum reproducibility of all parameters: upper sealing temperature, lower sealing temperature, sealing time and sealing force.

DKD-calibrated sealing equipment (DKD = Deutscher Kalibrierdienst = German Calibration Service) for sealing welds with exactly defined, calibrated parameters (sealing time, upper sealing temperature, lower sealing temperature and sealing force) in the field of research & development as well as quality assurance.

Sealing strength is also important for you? Please see details of the KOPP Labormaster.

Wide range of adjustment of the sealing parameters enables practical readjustment for different production conditions. Many sealing bar versions are available. We will manufacture sealing bars to your requirements on request.
The sealing bars are manufactured with high precision.

laborsiegelgeraet sgpe3000 siegelschiene glatt laborsiegelgeraet sgpe3000 siegelschiene längs laborsiegelgeraet sgpe3000 siegelschiene quer laborsiegelgeraet sgpe3000 siegelschiene waffel
plain sealing surface longitudinally grooved sealing surface cross grooved sealing surface goffered sealing surface

Technical data

Sealing temperature ... 300 ° C each sealing bar regulated separately
Sealing time 0.2 ... 99.99 s digitally adjustable
Sealing force 60 ... 1800 N adjustable, digital display
Sealing pressure Defined from sealing force and sealing contact surface (N/Cm²)