Hottack Tester Labormaster

according the force measuring method

The sealing weld will be separated immediately after sealing (hot-tack) or after a preset delay time (cold-tack).

The force necessary to separate the sealing is measured and recorded by the KOPP Labormaster.

Using the strip cutter (accessory) test strips of 45mm can easily be cut for immediate use on the Labormaster.

Technical data

Sealing temperature ... 300 ° C each sealing bar regulated separately
Sealing time 0.2 ... 99.99 s digitally adjustable
Waiting time 0.2 ... 99.99 s digitally adjustable
Sealing force 60 ... 1800 N adjustable, digital display
Withdrawal rate 0.2 ...12 m/min. digitally adjustable
Width of test strip 15 mm to 60 mm
Tensile force 1,5 N to 200 N

Your benefit

  • Hot-Tack measurement according to force measurement method DIN 55571-2
  • Laboratory Sealer and Hot-Tack-Tester in one unit
  • Test of tensile strength (hot-tack and cold-tack)
  • Visualization of the measured data
  • Sealing with exactly defined, calibrated parameters


  • DATAVIS hottack / coldtack Visualization for PC
  • Supporting table
  • Working table with lockable castors
  • Sample cutter
  • Sealing bars (even, longitudinally grooved, cross grooved, goffered, with silicone rubber insert)


  • Testing unit for research and development as well as in quality control
  • For heat-sealing with the highest reliability
  • For sealing strength tests (cold-tack) after defined time
  • For testing hot-tack of sealing weld

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