Who we are

Willi Kopp e.K. Verpackungssysteme

As a professional partner in the field of packaging, KOPP Verpackungssysteme has been a specialist in packaging equipment using flexible packaging materials such as film, laminates, composites and barrier materials for decades.

From sealing devices (hand hot-bar sealers), welding appliances (impulse hand sealers), laboratory sealing devices, banding and shrink wrapping devices to fully automatic form, fill and seal machines, overwrappers and bundling machines, we offer outstanding quality. We always aim to find the best possible solution for your special requirements for example concerning sealing strength testing hot-tack, shrink wrapping or overwrapping and bundling machines.

Your confidence is important to us! For this reason, fast, reliable delivery and permanent quality control are a matter of course. With all our products such as hand sealers, flow wrapping machines and much more you will always get high quality.

Contact us, convince yourself of the high quality of our products and rely on our experience.

Stages of the company history

1930 – Founding of a turning shop by Willi Kopp in Esslingen/Neckar. Work as a subcontractor for various companies in the Esslingen district.

Historical facts: The world economic crisis, which culminated in Black Thursday on 24 October 1929, shakes the young German Republic. At the beginning of the year, there are two million unemployed, by the end of the year there will be over three million.

1953 – Move to larger premises in a former weaving mill in Esslingen – Wäldenbronn. Working on a licence basis, smaller devices and machines, also sealing devices, are produced at the beginning, later large packaging machines for frozen fish fillets are made.

Historical facts: On 17 June there is a workers’ uprising in the GDR, which is put down by the Soviet military. The war in Korea ends with an armistice. The Adenauer government is confirmed in the Bundestag elections. Joseph Stalin dies. Elizabeth II is crowned Queen and Edmund Hillary climbs Mount Everest with the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

1968 – Takeover of the company by Ludwig P. Goller (1933 – 2019). The focus is placed on sealing equipment. Expansion of the programme with machines for resale.

Historical facts: 1968 is a year of upheaval and protests. International youth rebels against the prevailing conditions. Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and Rudi Dutschke shake people. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is signed and the “Prague Spring” is crushed.

1999 – Move to Reichenbach an der Fils – Enlargement of all areas from service and technical advice to maintenance and repair of equipment and machines.

Interesting facts: Regarding domestic policy, the CDU donations affair causes a stir in the 50th year of the FRG. The Kosovo war is the dominant topic internationally. People are preoccupied with the upcoming millennium change and the fear of the Y2K computer problem.

2019 – From November, Götz Goller will run the business.

Historical facts: From burning barricades in Hong Kong to forest fires in the Amazon, 2019 is marked by protests and issues around climate change. On the economic front, people are preoccupied with the halt in production of the A380, the insolvency of the British travel group Thomas Cook and the construction of the Gigafactory of the electric car manufacturer Tesla in Brandenburg, among other things.

2021 – The change of legal name to Willi Kopp e.K. Verpackungssysteme, Inh. Florian Goller officially completes the generation change.

Historical facts: The Corona pandemic brings further restrictions in all areas of life worldwide. Politically, it is a year of change: In Germany, Angela Merkel’s era ends after 16 years as chancellor, and in the USA Joe Biden takes office as the 46th president.