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Sales Service

  • Individual consulting and machine demonstration
  • Making of product samples
  • Specially designed machine versions on the basis of customer requirements
  • Continued improvements and further developments of our packaging machines
  • Expertise based on a long lasting experience in the field of packaging machines
  • Production based in Germany
  • Application videos available

Customer Service

  • Well trained and experienced service engineers
  • Bringing into service of your equipment and training of your staff
  • Repair on site or in our premises
  • Calibration of your packaging devices
  • Planning of machine adjustments
  • Maintenance contracts for regular service on site
  • Technical support either by phone, in a personal way or by digital means

Spare parts Service

  • Support in choosing the right spare parts
  • Ready composed wear and tear parts sets to avoid production downtimes
  • Consulting regarding parts to be stocked
  • Short reaction time for delivery of spare parts
  • Numerous spare parts available from stock
  • Many parts can be delivered longer than the statutory time of availability