Hot sealing unit K600V with air extraction

Powerful hot sealing unit with air exhaustion. With particularly robust, longitudinally grooved sealing for maximum tightness. Particularly robust, longitudinally grooved sealing for maximum tightness. Seals pouches and bags made of barrier material (aluminium composite, paper composite, etc.).

Kategorie: Heat sealer (hot bar), Manually closing, Vacuum packaging
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For heat-sealable laminates like coated aluminium foil (Alu/PE, Alu/PP …), coated paper or other composite materials and laminates. Suitable also for materials according to DIN 55 531 (GER), TL 8135 0003 (GER), TL 8135-0006 A/B (GER), MIL-PRF-131-K (USA), DEF STAN 81-75/2 (UK), NFH 00-310 (FRA)

  • Available in a vertical version (stand-up bags) or a horizontal version (lying bags).
  • Easy integration in your filling line
  • Permanently heated heat sealing device
  • Air extraction for reduction of the spac required for storage and during transport, no floating of bulk material during palletizing
  • Different password protected access levels prevent accidental changes to the parameters
  • The recipe management facilitates access to recurring settings
  • Different working modes can be selected. Exhaustion and gas flushing can be combined in almost any combination in a multi-cycle
  • No wearing, no subsequent costs
  • High sealing security, reduced number of complaints and increased customer satisfaction
  • Highest tightness, moisture protection, aroma preservation
Sealing 600 x 15mm, longitudinally grooved

(Special version: 720 x 15mm)

Sealing time adjustable up to 99sec.
Sealing temperature up to 250°C adjustable
Vacuum time adjustable up to 99sec.
Gasing time (option) adjustable up to 99sec.
Sealing system permanently heated sealer
Pack or bag size max. bag width: 600mm (720mm)

All data are approximate only.

Coffee, tea, spices, herbs, dried fruits, flavors, sauces, soups, powdered drinks, pastries, pralines, salt, muesli, cereals
Chemistry and Building Materials
Cleaning agents, component adhesives, dyes, sand
Pet food and veterinary medicine
Dry food, dog food, cat food, fish food, bird food, mare’s milk

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