Horizontal flow wrapping machine CO90E

High-capacity flow wrapper for packing of small products such as candies, cookies or dishwasher tabs.

Kategorie: Horizontal flow wrapping machines
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For all hot and cold sealing films

  • Cross sealing system with six sealing jaws
  • Up to 1800 packs per minute
  • Automatic infeed guarantees a gentle product transport to the flow wrapper
  • Easy to clean
Size range Length: 15 up to 50mm
Width: 5 up to 50mm
Height: 1 up to 30mm
Maximum film width 150mm
Film material All heat and cold sealable films
Capacity Up to 1800 packs per minute

All data are approximate only.

The flow wrapping machine CO90E, also known as “candy wrapper”, is mainly used for packing of candies and toffees, cookies, biscuits or wafers. For infeed of products such as mint candies or lollipops a sort of disk can be used. Via punched disk the products are isolated and led to the pusher chain of the wrapper. As an option, complete conveying and infeed systems can be used. These devices take the cookies directly from the oven, assort the products, isolate and lead them to the infeed of the flow wrapper. The products are conveyed in a gently way and are packed without the risk of being broken.

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