Automatic overwrapper ME EVO 125FF

Entry-level model in the field of overwrapping. Wrapping machine with large size range.

Kategorie: Overwrapping and bundling machines
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For all kinds of heat-sealable film also recyclable and compostable versions.

  • Stand-alone unit or integration in a packaging line
  • Compact design
  • Large size range
  • Precise slides pincer deduction
  • Excellent wrapping quality
  • Low costs for forming box
  • Intelligent control system: No product, no bag
Size range Length: 50 up to 305mm
Width: 40 up to 200mm
Height: 15 up to 125mm
Film material All heat-sealable film, also recyclable and compostable versions.
Capacity Up to 40 packs per minute.

All data are approximate only.

The automatic overwrapper EVO 125FF is used, when rectangular products shall be packed. For wrapping boxes of chocolates in the confectionary industry, in the cosmetics industry to wrap first-class perfume boxes or protective packaging in the food industry. All popular wrapping materials are used: oPP films, recyclable films or even bio films.

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