Film sealing unit TSG smart

Film sealing unit with electronic temperature control and easy insertion of the bags from the side. Bags and sacks are made of thermoplastic or thin laminates. Can be integrated in a packaging line, positioned above a roller conveyor or used as stand-alone device.

Kategorie: Heat sealer / Impulse sealer, Impulse sealer, Manually closing
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Universally suitable for sealing bags and sacks made of thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene.

  • Stand-alone device or can be integrated into a packaging line
  • Double-sided impulse heating
  • Digital temperature control
  • Low wear and tear, hardly any follow-up costs
  • The bag can be introduced from the left side
  • The temperature control prevents overheating of the sealing bands and thus enables a constant sealing quality
Sealing 650 x 5mm
Sealing time up to 9.9sec. adjustable
Sealing temperature up to 240°C adjustable
Cooling temperature adjustable
Sealing system double-sided impulse heating
Max. bag width 650mm

All data are approximate only.

Moveable trolley, height-adjustable
Moveable trolley, height-adjustable
Equipment trolley with height-adjustable holder for the TSG film sealing unit. All four casters are lockable for a safe stand.
Height adjustable bag support
Height adjustable bag support
Bag support adjustable in hight, to be fixed on a TSG incl. assembly parts
If no compressed air connection is available, the compressor can be used to generate the necessary compressed air. Oil-free, particularly low-noise. Air pressure: max. 8 bar.
Moveable trolley, height-adjustable

The TSG impulse sealing unit can be perfectly integrated into a filling process or a packaging line.
The sealing device is used to pack food such as spices, herbs, dried fruits, flavors, powdered drinks, natural casings, gelatine powder, gelatine capsules, salads, vegetables, bread, rolls, pastries, ingredients, milk powder, food supplements …

but also for packaging medical products such as breathing tube systems and other tube system variants, operating sets, analysis systems or hygiene products and health products

as well as for other products: plastic granulate, fertilizer, plant protection,  additional packaging for bottles and canisters, …

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