Overwrapping and bundling machines

Fold wrapping is still one of the most attractive methods when it comes to packaging rectangular or almost rectangular products through to collations of several cartons. Overwrapping machines are used in many areas of the food and non-food industry. With overwrapping, the packaging material fits tightly on the product; the tight fit and the exact end folds are characteristics of this packaging method.

In addition to the increased aesthetic and sleek finished look, the packaging produced by the overwrappers reduces the possibility of odour contamination, adds protection to your carton against moisture and offers improved shelf life. Added to this the manufacturing costs are low thanks to packaging materials available for an attractive price and low energy requirements. Fold wrappers are used to pack individual cartons or to produce multipacks. In addition to the familiar film materials, eco-friendly materials including biodegradable BOPLA film, recyclable BOPP film and paper-based materials can be used as alternatives.

With the fully automatic cellophane wrapping machines, packaging outputs of up to 200 packs per minute are achieved. The machine range also includes a semi-automatic overwrapper for small output quantities with frequently changing formats.