Automatic overwrapper ME TM

High-quality fully automatic overwrapper, especially for the cosmetics industry. The longitudinal sealing is placed at the small back side of the product, spot seal profile is chosen to close the packaging.

Kategorie: Overwrapping and bundling machines
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For all kinds of heat-sealable film as well as recyclable and compostable film materials

  • Easy and very fast pack size changeover thanks to PLC control with panel which is extremely simple and intuitive to operate
  • Servomotors make size changes quicker
  • High-quality wrapping for perfumery and cosmetics
  • Film cutting device integrated in the machine
  • All machine parts in contact with the product are coated to avoid scratches on delicate surfaces
  • Each product is carefully conveyed by pushers through the machine
Size range Length: 45 up to 300mm
Width: 40 up to 200mm
Height: 15 up to 125mm
Film material All heat sealable films
Capacity Up to 60 packs per minute

All data are approximate only.

The automatic overwrapper TM100FF can be used in nearly all industrial branches and for products where the longitudinal sealing shall be placed at the small back side of the boxes. Thanks to the quick size change, this machine is often used in the perfume and cosmetics industry. The short changeover times are highly appreciated. Multipacks can be produced with the machine, even products such as coffee twin packs or cookies can be safely and carefully wrapped, use of printed film is possible. When using infeed conveyors with pushers, envelopes or playing cards can be directly wrapped without the need of additional packaging.

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