Hot sealing unit HSGS

Compact table-top device with linear, pneumatic bar closing and permanently heated sealing bars with a length of 400 mm, which is used for a wide range of applications.

Whatever kind of bag – flat bag or side folded bag – you choose –
using the hot sealing units HSG you will get absolutely reliable sealing results!

Kategorie: Heat sealer (hot bar), Heat sealer / Impulse sealer
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Perfectly suited for sealing pouch cells in battery research/production, for sealing coated cardboard tabs/cardboard blisters or for sealing pouches with a large excess length above the sealing.

  • Permanently heated heat sealing device
  • Sealing bars can be regulated separately
  • Digital temperature and time control
  • No wear and tear, no follow-up costs
  • Linear closing of the sealing bars from top to bottom enables consistent and reliable sealing results
  • Highest tightness

For heat-sealable laminates like coated aluminium foil (Alu/PE, Alu/PP …), coated paper or other composite materials and laminates. Suitable for materials according to DIN 55 531 (GER), TL 8135 0003 (GER), TL 8135-0006 A/B (GER), MIL-PRF-131-K (USA), DEF STAN 81-75/2 (UK), NFH 00-310 (FRA).

Sealing s. sealing bars
Sealing time 0.1 to 99.9 seconds

adjustable in steps of 0.1 seconds

Sealing temperature up to 250°C each sealing bar can be adjusted separately
Sealing system permanently heated sealer
Pack or bag size max. width: 400mm

All data are approximate only.

Possible versions of the sealing bars:

  • Both sealing bars 400 x 15mm, longitudinally grooved, PTFE-coated
  • One sealing bar 400 x 15mm, longitudinally grooved, PTFE-coated, counter bar with silicone rubber insert to compensate for height differences
  • Special sealing bars for battery research 400 x 7mm smooth, aligned at the front, PTFE-coated, counter bar with attached silicone rubber
  • Further sealing bars on request

The importance of electrochemical storage systems is constantly increasing. The lithium-ion battery plays an important role here and has established itself in almost all areas of application in recent years. Much research is also being carried out in the field of solid-state batteries, as these have the potential for higher energy density and faster charging speeds. The HSGS heat sealer is used in battery production for sealing pouch foils for batteries (rechargeable batteries), pouch bag cells, battery components or for sealing tabs in research and development as well as in prototype production and small series production.

It is also used for sealing coated cardboard riders, bag riders, saddle labels, rider labels etc. as an alternative to staples or for sealing cardboard blisters.

The clever design of the machine provides plenty of space behind the sealing bars. This makes it possible to easily seal bags or cardboard tabs with a large excess length above the sealing.

Customized solutions. Personalized service.

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