Overwrapper SEMI-AUTO

Semi-automatic overwrapper for rectangular products. Large size range with change parts which can be adapted to the product to be packed.

Kategorie: Overwrapping and bundling machines
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For all kinds of heat-sealable films

  • Adjustable change parts for the whole size range of the machine
  • High-quality wrapping for perfumery and cosmetics
  • Film cutting device integrated in the machine
  • All machine parts in contact with the product are coated to avoid scratches on delicate surfaces
  • Each product is carefully conveyed by pushers through the machine
Size range Length: 40 up to 300mm
Width: 40 up to 200mm
Height: 25 up to 100mm
Film material All heat sealable films
Capacity Up to 10 packs per minute

All data are approximate only.

The overwrapper SEMI-AUTO is mainly used to wrap small quantities and frequently changing product sizes in the cosmetics industry. Articles which have been returned can be wrapped again meeting the highest quality requirements concerning perfectly packed products. The adjustable change parts are quickly adapted to changing pack sizes.

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