Laboratory sealer SGPE

Sealing device with exactly defined and calibrated parameters: Sealing time, sealing temperature of upper and lower sealing bar – as well as closing force. For reproducible sealing welds made by thermal contact heat sealing in research, development and quality control according to DIN 55529, ASTM F88-05 and ASTM D2029-00.

If you need to measure sealing strength please take a look to KOPP Labormaster.

Kategorie: Laboratory Sealer & Tester, Validated process
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For test seals with precisely defined and calibrated parameters.

  • Fully digitally controlled
  • Precisely adjustable, calibrated sealing parameters – sealing time, sealing temperature at the top, sealing temperature at the bottom and sealing force (closing force)
  • High accuracy and maximum reproducibility of all parameters
  • Exchangeable sealing bars with different surfaces (smooth, grooved, corrugated)
  • Meets all requirements of a test device according to DIN ISO
  • USB interface for saving the validation data
  • Easy operation and clear presentation on the touch panel
Sealing width 5mm, 10mm or 20mm
depending on the sealing bars
Sealing length 100mm or 200mm
depending on the sealing jaws
Sealing surface smooth, grooved, corrugated
depending on the sealing bars
Sealing time adjustable up to 99.99sec.
Sealing temperature adjustable up to 260°C regulated separately top and bottom
Sealing force up to 2000N
Sealing system Thermal contact heat sealing system

All data are approximate only.

The KOPP laboratory sealer SGPE is used in research and development (R&D), quality testing, quality assurance, laboratory, material testing for the development and testing of foils, bio-foils, composites, sealing lacquers, sealing media.

In packaging development, the laboratory sealer is used to build prototypes, packaging dummies or marketing samples for packaging concepts.

A special field of application for the SGPE laboratory sealing device is the production and development of energy cells and battery pouches.

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