Film sealing unit MVTC with air extraction

Modern film sealing units with air extraction and gas flushing available with sealing lengths of 520, 720 and 1020mm. The powerful closing of the sealing bars and temperature control guarantee consistent sealing results and minimized wear. The high-performance power sealers were developed to meet the high demands of the high-tech and food industries.

Kategorie: Impulse sealer, Vacuum packaging, vacuum/air suction
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Universally suitable for a variety of bag materials. For example for bags made of polyethylene (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE…) or composite materials (e.g. PA/PE, PET/PE…). Thanks to the temperature control, these film sealers are also suitable for materials with an aluminum barrier layer e.g. PET/Alu/PE.

  • Easy to handle film sealing unit
  • Digital setting of the sealing parameters on the touchpanel
  • Vacuum and gas flushing time are digitally adjustable
  • Double-sided impulse heating
  • Temperature control
Welding seam 520 x 8mm
720 x 8mm
1020 x 8mm
Sealing temperature 100 to 200°C digitally adjustable
Sealing time 0,8 to 10,0 sec. digitally adjustable
Cooling temperature 50 to 150°C digitally adjustable
Exhaustion time 0,1 to 120,0 sec. digitally adjustable
Gasing time 0,1 to 120,0 sec. digitally adjustable
Sealing system double-sided impulse heating
Pack or bag size 500mm, 700mm, 1000mm

All data are approximate only.

Trolley with 4 castors, adjustable in height
Bag support
Bag support
Bag support for trolley for closing of larger bags
Snap-in table
Snap-in table
Snap- in table in addition to the trolley for smaller bags
Trolley with electric adjustment of height
Trolley with electric adjustment of height
Trolley with two castors (can be fixed) and motor driven height adjustment, pivoting fixing device
Spare parts set
Spare parts set
Set with the most important wearing parts for storage.

MVTC film sealers with air extraction are now used wherever consistent seam quality and maximum reliability are required.

For example, for packaging electronics, electronic accessories, electronic components and devices in the high-tech industry. These products require special packaging to protect them from damage during transportation to ensure that they reach the customer in perfect condition.

Or in the food industry for packaging fresh products such as fruit and vegetables or dry products. These foods require special packaging that preserves their freshness, protects them from contamination and extends their shelf life to ensure that they are safe to consume.

Customized solutions. Personalized service.

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