Handsealer HZ-The original!

Mobile, small, permanently heated hand sealer for barrier materials such as coated aluminium. Available with 4 different bar lengths from 200mm to 500mm.

Especially used to produce watertight packing for stocking and seaworthy packages. The right choice for all packaging purposes where mobile use, easy handling and competitive prices are important.

Kategorie: Handsealer, Industrial packaging, Manually closing
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For heat-sealable laminates like coated aluminum foil (aluminum/PE, aluminum/PP,..), coated paper and similar. Especially also for materials according to DIN 55 531 resp. TL 8135-0003 or TL 8135-0006 A/B, MIL-PRF-131-K (USA), DEF STAN 81-75/2 (UK), NFH 00-310 (FRA).

  • Portable, can be used in any position
  • Permanently heated Hand-Sealer
  • Ceramic reinforced PTFE coating
  • Sealing temperature adjustable
  • Easy handling
  • High operating convenience
  • Reliable sealing results
Sealing 12mm, longitudinally grooved
Sealing length 200, 300, 400 and 500mm
Sealing temperature adjustable from 100°C up to 250°C
Sealing system permanently heated Hand-Sealer
Maximum bag size depending on sealing length

All data are approximate only.

Balancer HZ
Balancer HZ
suspension device with automatic wind-up
Wall mount
Wall mount
Wall bracket for hanging the hand sealer HZ.
Protection cover Hand-Sealer HZ
Protection cover for the handsealer HZ
Protection cover, perforated plate
Prolonged break protection
Prolonged break protection
Instead of the short break protection sleeve a polyamide-waving hose, approx. 20 cm long will be mounted where the mains cable leads to the handle.
Balancer HZ

Transport packaging, industrial packaging, seaworthy packages, export packings, warehouse packings, corrosion protection, original packaging, packaging for hazardous goods.

For production and closure of hoods, covers, big-packs, sacks, valve bags.

Mobile use to pack machines, control cabinets, aggregates, manufactured goods, relief goods, military goods, weapons, munitions,…
In connection with table screws and foot pedal to pack bags with tea, coffee, spices, herbs.

Customized solutions. Personalized service.

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