Mobile beltsealer MSC Plus

Belt sealer MSC Plus for mobile use to close hoods, tarpaulins etc. made of barrier material such as aluminium composite film.

Kategorie: Belt sealer
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For heat-sealable laminates such as coated aluminium film (Alu/PE, Alu/PP …), coated paper or other composite materials and laminates.

  • Portable for mobile application
  • Belt sealer
  • Sealing of long film sheets in one pass
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Easy to handle
Sealing endless sealing welds, 12mm wide
Sealing time depending on conveyor speed
Sealing temperature from 50 up to 240°C continuously adjustable
Speed from 2,5 up to 9,5m/min. continuously adjustable
Sealing system Belt sealer

All data are approximate only.

Suspension device with spring to move the unit nearly weightlessly into the right position. Carrying load of 6 up to 8kg. 2.5m stainless steel rope.

Transport packaging, industrial packaging, seaworthy packages, export packings, warehouse packings, corrosion protection. For production and closure of hoods, covers, big-packs, sacks, valve bags.
Mobile use to pack machines, control cabinets, engines, aggregates, manufactured goods, relief goods, military goods, weapons, munitions,..

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