Beltsealer Contimed

Calibrated belt sealers D662MV, D666MPCV and D775MPCV have been developed for packing of medical products. With temperature control and control functions for validated sealing procedure according to DIN 58953 part 7 and the guideline DGSV®.

Kategorie: Belt sealer, Manually closing, Validated process
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For bags made for sterilized products according to ISO 11607 or EN 868, for peel-bags (paper/PE, paper/PP, Tyvek®) as well as sealing of heat-sealable materials such as coated paper, coated aluminium composite film (aluminium/PE, aluminium/PP,…).

  • Continuous operation
  • Temperature control with infeed blocker
  • Control functions for validation of sealing
  • D666MPCV and D775MPCV with matrix printer
Sealing (multiline) D662MV 12.5mm
D666MPCV and D775MPCV 15mm
Passing speed D662MV 8m/min.
D666MPCV 10m/min
D775MPCV 3 up to 13m/min., adjustable
Sealing temperature D662MV up to 220°C
D666MPCV and D775MPCV up to 200°C
Sealing system permanently heated, continuous system
Conformity EN ISO 11607, DIN 58953-7

All data are approximate only.

Work table for beltsealer
Work table
Work table for product support
Roller conveyor to the beltsealer
Roller conveyor
Roller conveyor for product support
Work table for beltsealer

These continuously working sealing devices are especially chosen for production of sterilized packings in the field of medical technology, pharmceutical industry as well as in hospitals and laboratories. The sealers are working in a continuous mode and are used for packing purposes when both, constant sealing quality and maximum of reliability, are required.

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