Vertical Form Fill and Sealing machine AVM350

The vertical wrapping machine VFFS forms, fills and closes the bags in only one working cycle. The machine is of compact design, easy to operate and flexible in use.

Kategorie: Vertical forming, filling and sealing machines
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For flat film made of thermoplastic material such as PE or heat-sealable film such as PP, aluminium/PE composite film, etc.

  • Fully automatic stand-alone machine
  • Operation via touch-screen
  • Can be integrated in production lines
  • All known dosing systems can be added
  • Easy and quick change of forming box
Sealing Cross sealing: 12mm / 3mm
Longitudinal sealing: 5mm
Sealing system Impulse heated or permanently heated
Output Up to 40 packs per minute, depending on the configuration stage of the machine
Bag width 50 up to 350mm
Bag length 50 up to 600mm

All data are approximate only.

The vertical forming, filling and sealing machine (VFFS) AVM350 is used for packaging of technical products such as industrial components or machine components (seals, screws, springs). Packaging of pharmaceutical and medical products. Packaging of confectionery (crisps, sweets, nuts) and other foodstuffs (flour, cereals, pasta, coffee, cocoa beans, rice, salads, cheese, fruit). These machines are perfect for packaging powdered products and bulk goods. The process can be easily automated including feeding and weighing of the products.

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