Automatic bagging machine Speedpack

Semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging machine to produce, fill and close bags in only one working cycle. Suitable for tubular film and reel bags. Can be used to pack small items such as screws, armatures etc.

Kategorie: Fill- and sealing machines, Vertical forming, filling and sealing machines
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For tubular film or bagrolls made of thermoplastic material (e.g. PE or PA/PE)

  • Semi- or fully automatic operation
  • Impulse sealing
  • Easy operation thanks to comfortable touchscreen and unhindered product feeding
  • High flexibility despite elevated level of automation
  • Expandable – various accesssories and additional equipment available
  • Reasonably priced packages thanks to use of cheap tubular film or bagrolls

The machine is available in stainless steel.

Sealing 1.5 x 400mm
Sealing system Impulse heated or permanently heated
Output Up to 30 bags per minute, depending on stage of completion
Bag width Maximum 400mm
Bag length 50 to 600mm

All data are approximate only.

Bag support with integrated outlet conveyor
Bag support with integrated outlet conveyor
For long bags and heavy products, the bags are lifted for a good quality seal to prevent tension on the bag. The bags are discharged laterally by the integrated conveyor belt. To be used for bag lengths from 120mm to 600mm.
Fülltrichter für die Füll- und Verschließmaschine Speedpack
Feeding hopper
Fixed funnel that feeds the products into the bag. Recommended when small parts or a large quantity of items, e.g. bulk products, are to be filled into the bag.
Sorting table
Sorting table
Sorting table mounted on the machine incl. collecting hopper. Various parts can be placed on the sorting table and pre-sorted. The combination of sorting table and collecting hopper guarantees the safe transfer of contents and small parts into the bag.
Thermal transfer printer
Thermal transfer printer
Different printing areas possible, e.g. 53 x 75mm or 107 x 75mm. The bags can be printed via thermal transfer printer. Intermittent or continuous operation possible. The printer is completely mounted on the packaging machine.
Beutelauflage mit Anstecktisch
Bag support table
This device supports the bag during the sealing process to produce a straight seam. The machine is equipped with a plate tilting downwards after each sealing to let the bag through. Recommended for bag lengths up to 450mm.
Euroslot or hole punch
Euroslot or hole punch
Mechanical unit for creating an Euroslot or a hole above the sealing. A protrusion of 33mm is rolled off and 2 sealings are set. A hole is punched between both sealing lines.
Bag support with integrated outlet conveyor

Packing of metal goods, spare parts, standard parts, electronic parts, food, medical products, household articles, cosmetic articles, pet supplies, installation supplies, etc.

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