Hot sealing unit HSG Pneumat

Powerful hot sealing unit with continously heated sealing bars and 15mm wide sealing. Sealing unit to close bags with aroma barrier or for sealing of bags made of oPP while observing the temperature or for production of moisture-proof bags made of barrier film (e.g. glue, chemical and construction material, cleaning agent,…)

Whatever kind of bag – flat bag or side folded bag – you choose –
using the hot sealing units HSG you will get absolutely reliable sealing results!

Kategorie: Heat sealer (hot bar), Heat sealer / Impulse sealer
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For heat-sealable laminates like coated aluminium foil (Alu/PE, Alu/PP …), coated paper or other composite materials and laminates. Suitable for materials according to DIN 55 531 (GER), TL 8135 0003 (GER), TL 8135-0006 A/B (GER), MIL-PRF-131-K (USA), DEF STAN 81-75/2 (UK), NFH 00-310 (FRA)

  • Special version for tight closing of sidefolded bags available
  • Permanently heated heat sealing device
  • Digital temperature and time control
  • No wear and tear, no follow-up costs
  • High sealing security, reduced number of complaints and increased customer satisfaction
  • Highest tightness, aroma retention
Sealing 250 x 15mm, longitudinally grooved, 400 x 15mm, longitudinally grooved
Sealing time up to 59sec.
Sealing temperature up to 250°C each sealing bar can be adjusted separately
Sealing system permanently heated sealer
Pack or bag size max. width: 250mm, resp. 400mm

All data are approximate only.

Guideline for constant height of sealing welds
Guideline for constant height of sealing welds, adjustable
Supporting table
Supporting table
Supporting table adjustable bag length.
Guide plate
Guide plate
For easier infeed of bags from the front side.
Small moveable trolley
Small moveable trolley
The unit can be mounted on the equipment cart at three different heights. All four casters are lockable for a safe stand.
Moveable trolley
Moveable trolley
Equipment trolley with holder for the HSG heat-sealing unit. The height is adjustable via hand crank. All four casters are lockable for a safe stand.
PTFE cover for heat sealer HSG
PTFE cover
Protects the sealing bars from heavy contamination. Above the silicone rail, the PTFE fabric tape reduces the adhesion tendency of some pouches and thus improves handling. The holder for the PTFE fabric tape is mounted on the burn guard.
If no compressed air connection is available, the compressor can be used to generate the necessary compressed air. Oil-free, particularly low-noise. Air pressure: max. 8 bar

Coffee, tea, spices, herbs, dried fruits, flavors, sauces, soups, powdered drinks, pastries, pralines, salt, muesli, cereals
Chemistry and Building Materials
Cleaning agents, component adhesives, dyes, sand
Pet food and veterinary medicine
Dry food, dog food, cat food, fish food, bird food, mare’s milk
Bandages, wet wipes, cardboard tabs

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