Hot sealing unit HSG Med

The first permanently heated hot sealing unit made by KOPP especially for packing of sterilized goods. The sealing process can be completely validated according to DIN 58953 part 7 and the guidelines DGSV®.

Kategorie: Heat sealer (hot bar), Heat sealer / Impulse sealer, Manually closing, Validated process
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Suitable for all heat-sealable bag materials.
Especially for sterilized bags and peel-bags according to ISO 11607 (paper/film, Tyvek®/film…). Thanks to the permanently heated sealing bars, this heat sealer is perfect for materials with a barrier layer made of aluminum, e.g. PET / Alu / PE …

  • Different sealing bar designs available
    (smooth, longitudinally grooved, with silicone rubber insert)
  • Control function for validating the sealing process
  • Monitoring of process parameters with alarm function
  • Permanently heated sealing device
  • Comfortable touch panel operation
  • Recipe management
  • Multi-level password-protected access levels
  • No wear and tear, reduced follow-up costs,
  • No disruptive influencing factors such as aging of heating band or wear on the PTFE band
  • High sealing security, reduced number of complaints and increased customer satisfaction
  • Internal memory for logging the validation data
  • USB interface for the output of the validation data
Sealing 15mm longitudinally grooved or 10mm smooth
depending on the selected sealing bars
Sealing time up to 99sec.
Sealing temperature up to 250°C
each sealing bar can be adjusted separately
Closing force via compressed air, with force monitoring
Sealing system permanently heated sealer
Pack or bag size max. width: 250mm or 400mm
depending on the selected sealing bars
Conformity EN ISO 11607, DIN 58953-7

All data are approximate only.

Guideline for constant height of sealing welds
Guideline for constant height of sealing welds
Guideline for constant height of sealing welds, adjustable
Supporting table
Supporting table
Supporting table adjustable bag length.
Guide plate
Guide plate
For easier infeed of bags from the front side.
Small moveable trolley
Small moveable trolley
The unit can be mounted on the equipment cart at three different heights. All four casters are lockable for a safe stand.
Moveable trolley
Moveable trolley
Equipment trolley with holder for the HSG heat-sealing unit. The height is adjustable via hand crank. All four casters are lockable for a safe stand.
Bagsupport for the equipment trolley
Bagsupport for the equipment trolley
Bag support for the equipment cart for extra large bags. With height adjustable device
Guideline for constant height of sealing welds

Sealing devices for primary packaging in medical technology (medical packaging). Especially for packaging surgical instruments, dermatological instruments, implants, catheters, tubes, breathing tube systems and other tube system variants, suture material, analysis systems, wound drainage, infusion accessories, surgical drapes, surgical sets … as well as for or hygiene products and health products and much more. For sterile packaging and non-sterile packaging.

Very suitable for packaging in the pharmaceutical sector. For packaging preliminary products, raw materials, but also for bulk packs or retained samples …

Customized solutions. Personalized service.

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