Vacuumchamber units

Manual packing device for vacuum packaging of technical, medical products as well as food that must be packaged with the lowest possible oxygen.

Kategorie: Vacuum packaging
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For sealable vacuum bags e.g. made of PA / PE or other thin composite materials as well as for recyclable vacuum bags

  • Table-top or stand alone devices
  • Impulse sealing
  • Digital control for sealing and vacuum time (optional sensor-controlled vacuum)
  • Solid, easy-to-clean construction with stainless steel tray
Sealing Bead seam 2 x 4mm
Sealing time adjustable up to 9.9sec.
Vacuum time adjustable up to 40sec.
Gassing time (optional) adjustable up to 9.9sec.
Sealing system impulse sealing system
Chamber size VacPlus300: 320 x 350 x 120mm
Vacuboy: 360 x 380 x 140mm
VacPlus20 VacPlus21: 430 x 505 x 175mm
VacPlus23: 445 x 585 x 190mm
VacPlus24: 640 x 480 x 200mm
VacPlus27: 640 x 480 x 167mm
VacS501: 895 x 565 x 230mm
Maximum bag size VacPlus300: 300 x 400mm
Vacuboy: 350 x 400mm
VacPlus20, VacPlus21: 400 x 500mm
VacPlus23: 420 x 600mm
VacPlus24: 450 x 600mm
VacPlus27: 600 x 400mm
VacS501: 450 x 800mm
Sealing length VacPlus300: 305mm
Vacuboy: 350mm
VacPlus20, VacPlus21: 405mm
VacPlus23: 420mm
VacPlus24: 455mm
VacPlus27: 620mm
VacS501: 455 and 740mm
Number of sealing bars per chamber VacPlus300: 1
Vacuboy: 1
VacPlus20 VacPlus21: 1
VacPlus23: 1
VacPlus24: 2 (right and left)
VacPlus27: 2 (front and back)
VacS501: 2 (front and right)

All data are approximate only.

Digital, sensor-controlled control for constant vacuum, without time correction, regardless of the product volume. (With soft ventilation, up to 10 programs can be saved)
Compressed air welding / stronger welding transformer
Compressed air welding / stronger welding transformer
For thick foils or bags made of aluminum composite material, the units can be equipped with a stronger welding transformer or with compressed air assisted welding.
Gassing device
Gassing device
Enables gassing with a protective gas or filling gas, e.g. nitrogen, following the evacuation process.
ESD-Protective design
Recommended for electronic components to neutralize the static charge, incl. test protocol.

Vacuum packaging protects products from too much oxygen and / or humidity. This makes them perfect as anti-corrosion packaging in the automotive, aircraft, electronics, medical technology and many other technical fields.

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