Film sealing unit Sealboy

Easy to handle film sealing units with vertically closing sealing bar. For closing of bags or tubular film made of thermoplastic material. Ideal for picking and packing of small pieces.

Kategorie: Heat sealer / Impulse sealer, Impulse sealer
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For thermoplastic films like polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), PA/PE but also for thin qualities of coated aluminium foil or other thin heat-sealable materials.

  • Easy to use tabletop device
  • One-sided impulse heating
  • Manual closing of sealing bar
  • Provides magnetical closing
  • Can be used for bags and tubular film
Sealing width 3mm
Sealing length 235 or 420mm
Sealing time adjustable
Sealing system one-sided impulse heating
Maximum bag size depending on sealing length

All data are approximate only.

The filmsealing unit Sealboy is used when small to medium-sized bags are sealed.

Picking of small parts such as screws, nuts, washers, etc. Packing of plastic parts, spare parts, toys …

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