Filling and sealing unit Speedpack Tabletop

With this compact unit, bags are formed, filled and closed in one working cycle—in a semi-automatic or automatic way. The machine can be used for consignment of small items, such as bulk material, casting, spare parts, etc.

Kategorie: Fill- and sealing machines
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For bags on reel made out of thermoplastic material such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).

  • Semi-automatic or full-automatic table top unit
  • Impulse sealing
  • Touchscreen
  • No compressed air required
  • High capacity: Up to 20 bags per minute
  • Film reel can easily be changed on the front side
  • Large variety of products
Sealing 1.5 x 300mm
Sealing system Impulse sealing
Cycle performance up to 20 bags per minute
Bag width 50 up to 300mm
Bag length 75 to 500mm

All data are approximate only.

Label printer
Label printer
The label printer prints single or batch labels and then applies them to each bag that is dispensed. Ideal for applications requiring a shipping label or other data that changes with each bag. Thermal transfer printers are also available upon request.
Bag support with plug-in table
Inclinable support table
This support device supports the bag during the welding process so that a straight seam is obtained. The design of the machine is equipped with a plate that tilts down after each weld to let the bag through. Recommended for bag lengths up to 450 mm.
Foot pedal Speedpack
Foot switch with protection
A standard foot pedal is included with the SPH300 Tabletop. A cover for the foot pedal is available in case you need additional protection when the machine is used in production areas, for example.
Speedpack-Tabletop 300
Bag Tensioner
The bag tensioner stretches the bag during the sealing process and thus, together with the bag support, ensures straight sealing. The bag tightener is recommended for bags with a width of 90 mm or more.
Label printer

Packing of small items, spare parts, screws, hinges, fixtures, accessories, service-kits, electronic products, house keeping products…
In mail order, picking companies, workshops for people with disabilities, industry, shipping department…

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