Handsealer HZ300US

Special version of the KOPP hand sealer HZ for the US-market.
Mobile, small, permanently heated hand sealer for barrier material such as coated aluminium. Especially used to produce watertight packing for stocking and seaworthy packages. The right choice for all packaging purposes where mobile use, safe and easy handling are important.

Kategorie: Handsealer, Industrial packaging
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For heat-sealable laminates like coated aluminum foil (aluminum/PE, aluminum/PP,..), coated paper and similar.
Especially for materials according to MIL-PRF-131-K (USA) as well as DIN 55 531 (GER), TL 8135 0003 (GER), TL 8135-0006 A/B (GER), DEF STAN 81-75/2 (UK), NFH 00-310 (FRA)

  • Easy to use, mobile handheld sealer with protection cover
  • Permanently heated heat sealing device
  • Meets all US specifications for device safety
  • Fahrenheit scale
Sealing 300 x 12mm, longitudinally grooved
Sealing temperature adjustable up to 390°F
Sealing system permanently heated sealer
Power supply 110V 50-60Hz US-Plug

All data are approximate only.

This handsealer is made for production and closing of hoods, large bags as well as tarpaulins for big packages. It is used in the field of export packaging and industrial packaging as well as long-term preservation.

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