Horizontal flow wrapping machine CO130

The horizontal flow wrapping machine CO130 is a  flow wrapper designed to pack multipacks and products with various sizes. This Horizontal Form Fill and Sealing machine (HFFS) is used in many branches.

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Suitable for all heat sealable films.

  • Quick and easy wrapping of large and long products
  • Various sizes can be fed without sorting
  • Automatic adaptation of bag and product
  • Box Motion cross sealing jaws care for absolutely tight bags
Size range Length: 50 up to 1500mm (5000mm)
Width: 5 up to 200mm (400mm)
Height: 1 up to 30mm (200mm)
Maximum film width 1400mm
Film material All heat sealable films
Capacity Up to 30 packs per minute

All data are approximate only.

The horizontal flow wrapping machine CO130 – also called Horizontal Form Fill and Sealing machine HFFS – is used, when very bulky or long products shall be wrapped, such as baseboards, electronic parts for the automobile industry, small to medium sized trays for the medicine technology or infusion bags for the pharmaceutical industry. According to product and application, the convenient packing material is chosen: Electric parts are packed in ESD film to avoid an electrostatic charging. VCI corrosion inhibiting film can be used for metal parts. Bio film is suitable for consumer products in the business to consumer sector. Multilayer film is used for sealed packing unter modified atmosphere. Wrapping of single products or production of multipacks are possible. If desired, the necessary documents for the installation qualification or the operational qualification are provided. DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ are included in our business activities.

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