Pass-through printer TSD

Compact printing unit in space-saving design for printing your packaging with individual information such as best-before date, production date, current date and time, texts, simple graphics and barcodes.

Create your print file with the help of the software supplied free of charge. Transfer the print file to the flash drive, connect it to the printer and save the print layout to the internal memory.

The combination of our proven belt sealers and the TSD printing unit makes it possible to close your bags in one pass and print them directly with your individual information. This saves you another work step and thus valuable time and money.

Kategorie: Belt sealer, Manually closing, Protective packaging
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For thermoplastic films like polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), PA/PE but also for thin qualities of coated aluminium foil or other thin heat-sealable materials.

  • Offers reliable, fast and high quality prints
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Easy handling
  • Ideal for recurring print jobs
  • The ink used is specially designed for packaging films
  • Perfectly suited for the food and pharmaceutical industries
Printing height up to 12,7mm / 1/2″
Printing head 1 printing head included
Layout options max. length: 2400 px
Resolution adjustable from 50 up to 600 dpi
Memory 1 printing file storable in device
Interfaces USB 2.0

All data are approximate only.

Height-adjustable bracket
Height-adjustable bracket
Height-adjustable bracket for MSC / MSP or TSD with table screw clamps for attachment to the work table
Height-adjustable bracket

The pass-through printer is used wherever bags are to be printed after sealing. It can be combined with our belt sealers MSC and MSP or used as a stand-alone device.

For example, in the food and pharmaceutical industries for marking coffee packaging, tea packaging, printing the best-before date, batch numbers, barcodes, etc.

Customized solutions. Personalized service.

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