Heat sealer HSG

powerful hot sealing unit

to close bags with aroma barrier (e.g. food, chemicals, pet food, etc.):

Available for two bag versions:

HSG 250 FL and HSG 400 FL for flag bags: Both bars are permanently heated.
HSG 250 SF and HSG 400 SF for side-folded bags: One sealing bar longitudinally grooved and one with silicone rubber implementation.

  • Best sealing results thanks to permanently heated sealing bars and pneumatic pressure
  • Easy and comfortable operation due to electric foot pedal
  • Temperature is digitally controlled
  • Sealing time can be adjusted
  • Inclination of the unit possible (0° up to 90°, in steps of 15°)
  • Made in Germany

Working process: Setting of sealing temperature and time. Unit heats up and bag is put between the sealing bars. A simple tip on the foot pedal and the sealing bars close and open when the adjusted sealing time has elapsed.

Technical data

  HSG 250 FL HSG 250 SF HSG 400 FL HSG 400 SF
for flat bags 1 sidefolded bags 2 flat bags1 sidefolded bags 2
Sealing width 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm
Sealing length 250mm 250mm 400mm 400mm
Sealing time 0,5 to 12s 0,5 to 12s 0,5 to 12s 0,5 to 12s
Sealing temperature … 260°C … 260°C … 260°C … 260°C
Compressed air 6bar 6bar 6bar 6bar

1 = both bars are longitudinally grooved and permanently heated, PTFE-coated.
2 = one bar longitudinally grooved, counter bar with silicone rubber; both bars are permanently heated, PTFE-coated

Your benefit

  • Aroma barrier - taste and vitamins are preserved
  • Absolute reliable sealing results
  • High output
  • Easy to operate and highest working comfort
  • Can be operated over a long term without the need of wearing and tearing parts
  • No training phase needed before starting operation


  • Supporting table - for bag length from 180 to 265mm
  • Compressor - if no domestic compressed air supply is available
  • Trolley - on castors which can be fixed, unit holder is adjustable in height


Suitable for heat sealable barrier film as coated aluminum (aluminum/PE, aluminum/PP…), coated paper, PA/PE or other barrier films according to DIN 55 531 resp. TL 8135-0003 or TL 8135-0006 A/B.

Coffee, tea, spices, herbs, dried fruit, flavorings, sauces, soups, instant beverage, pastry, pralines, salt, muesli, cereals.

Chemistry and construction material
Cleanser, component adhesive, colorants, sand.

Pet foods and drugs
Fodder, dog food, cat food, fish food, bird seed, mare milk.

Other products
Dressing material, wet wipe, tabs.

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