Heat sealer HSG Elektro

Compact table-top sealer

to close small bags with aroma barrier (e.g. food, chemicals, pet food, etc.):

  • Both sealing bars are continuously heated
  • Digitally adjustable sealing temperature
  • Sealing time can be adjusted within a few seconds
  • Housing made of stainless steel, therefore, easy to clean

Working process: The best sealing temperature and sealing time can be adjusted at the unit. The bag will be inserted between the sealing bars. By pressing the foot switch the sealing bars will be closed magnetically. After sealing time has elapsed, sealing bars will open automatically. The sealed bag can be taken out.

Technical Data

Sealing width 12mm, longitudinally grooved
Sealing length 200mm
Sealing time 1 up to 99secs
Sealing temperature ...260°C
Dimensions 300 x 342 x 380mm
Weight 18kg