Heat sealer K600

to close big bags

  • Thanks to the 15mm wide sealing weld the bags are perfectly closed
  • Best sealing results due to permanently heated sealing bars and pneumatic pressure
  • Easy operation: Insert guides and electric foot pedal support the operator
  • Temperature digitally controlled (touch-screen)
  • Sealing time can be adjusted
  • Electricity in splashproof switch cabinet (IP 54)
  • Made in Germany

Working process: The parameters for sealing temperature and sealing time are set. When the required temperature is reached, the bag is put between the sealing bars and the sealing bars are closed pneumatically by foot pedal. The sealing bars open after elapse of sealing time. When sealing time has elapsed, the sealing bars open automatically.

Technical Data 

Sealing width approx. 15mm
Sealing length approx. 600mm
Sealing time 0,5 to 99s adjustable
Sealing temperature ... 260°C adjustable
Compressed air 6bar