Bag Sealer TSG digit

with microprocessor control

  • Bag insertion from the side
  • Digital setting of the parameters: sealing temperature, sealing time and cooling time
  • Easy operation thanks to foot pedal (electric)
  • Control functions for validation
  • Several alert functions and limits
  • 4-line LCD-display
  • Made in Germany

Working process: After setting of parameters the bag to be sealed is inserted from the side. The sealing bars are pneumatically closed by foot pedal. The unit heats up and the sealing process starts after reaching the set sealing temperature. When the sealing time has elapsed, the bars open automatically after a certain time necessary for cooling.

Technical data 

Sealing width approx. 8mm
Sealing length approx. 650mm
Sealing temperature up to 240°C digitally adjustable
Compressed air connection approx. 3bar (pressure reducing valve is supplied with the unit)