Mobile Belt Sealer MSP Plus

for sealing polyethylene

  • Sealing temperature can be adjusted
  • Motor and control unit placed in solid housing
  • Manual feeding of bags and take-over by toothed motor driven belts
  • The unit can easily be opened to be cleaned and serviced - low maintenance required
  • Made in Germany

Working process: The film material or in-liner are manually fed in and taken over by toothed motor driven belts to be carried through the unit. Thanks to a special sealing system the thermoplastic material can cool down under pressure and gets stability. Long lines are supported by the user. 

Technical Data

Film thickness max. approx. 2 x 0,05 to 2 x 0,4mm¹
Sealing temperature up to approx. 240°C
Passing speed approx. 2,5 to 9,5m/min.²
Sealing width approx. 5mm (plain)

1 = depends on material
2 = infinitely adjustable